I like ball and general rofls.
Animal Crossing dream address:


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I will make everyone who reblogs this a mix CD based on your blog


No limits, anyone who reblogs this gets the tracklist messaged to them.

I got this idea from another blog but I am the mix CD list queen!

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beating co-op on the highest difficultly like


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I’m almost completely done with tumblr, there are literally like 6 people who I know from just here who actually care, and then there’s everyone else srs, thanks freshtodebt, spiffymuffin, dopetoast, manlesbianhazakurain and 8bitboy. Add me on the facebook or skype if you haven’t already, I’m so sick of people who like to bitch about me “removing credits” and shit even though when I had reblogged it from someone else who had already removed it are fucking petty. I have a dying mother in real life and when I complain about my problems it falls to the deaf ears of 489 followers. I’m going on hiatus if anyone cares.

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